Saturday, March 12, 2011

I weigh in

So I had a rough week. I was sick with a stomach bug pretty much the whole week. Which means that I ate whatever I thought I could keep down. We also didn't plan well enough. It has to be crazy easy for me or I won't do it. Plus I think that I had this idea in my head that because I did so well last week that I could be lax this week. When you see the results you will see that I really took this idea to heart. That being said I am trying to remember that this is a life long journey of losing and maintaining weight. So onward and upward! I am keeping a positive attitude and starting fresh this week coming up. Oh and I am actually planning on exercising this week. HAHA! Haven't done that yet. I figure I better start, I am starting small with going back to my Zumba class Tuesday and Thursday this week. Wish me luck!

This isn't a picture from this week like I originally was going to do but it is a sweet picture of boy baby and me when he was a baby. Enjoy! And I will be back with a current picture next week. I couldn't handle posting a current one this week! Sorry!

Previous weight: 223.4
Current weight 222.6
Pounds lost: 8/10 lb
Total weight loss: 7 and 8/10lbs
Current BMI: 43.5

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  1. I say a loss is a loss! Pat yourself on the back! You are smaller this week than you were last week! Keep it are doing great!