Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude Tuesday

I am going to do a Christmas/Wintery Attitude of Gratitude every week in December! I love winter. It is by far my absolute favorite season. Starting beginning of October til about the second week in January I am a happy girl! Keeping in a winter sprite spirit I am grateful this week for paper snowflakes!!! They truly are little pieces of art. It is a quick and easy way to add some beautiful handmade winter awesomeness to your home. I love the whole process of making them. My favorite part of making them is unfolding and seeing what you created. I think it is really awesome that I can't seem to duplicate them. They are all unique just like we are all unique! I need to remember that. I often times try to push someone who is clearly a star into a heart hole. Not good for them and not good for me. To take this from serious to light I have a cool blog post that gives a little tutorial on folding the paper so you can get acreatin' some paper snowflakes. It is on a really neat blog called
Here's lookin at me kid. She is awesome! She has a great vintage style that isn't overwhelming. Check out the snowflake tut here

And for you crazy's out there that want to go all out here is a tutorial for making

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