Saturday, December 4, 2010

Chicken Pocket Pies!

Forgive the blurry picture! I was so excited to eat these babies that I was shaking! These are the definition of comfort food. They were delightful and are now a regular in my rotation. I mean how can you get better than a pocket version of a chicken pot pie? It is mobile people!! They are a little labor intensive but totally worth it. And by labor intensive I mean that you actually make the dough for the crust. That is big for me! I got the recipe off of the shutterbean website who got it from this book. Which is now on my christmas list for sure! Oh how that list grows! The only thing I changed from shutterbean's version is that I added some Emerils chicken seasonings instead of the dill. Plus I left out the peas. Other than that it is word for word. I did find out however that you need about double the dough. As you can tell from my photo I overfilled and had them leaking everywhere. That didn't diminish the wonderful flavor though! They freeze really well from what shutterbean tells me (oh yeah as thought she is talking to me specifically! HA! I wish!) so next time I am tripling the batch or even quadrupling the batch and freezing a ton! Or maybe just the filling. I can imagine that it would be great in a huge pie size chicken pot pie. Please try it! You will be pleased or you are crazy!


  1. I have been looking at a great pie crust recipe! I will have to try this one! Thanks!

  2. It is so yummy too!! and easy. I always worry about screwing up pie dough