Saturday, December 11, 2010

I found this over at Jandeecrafts today and had to share! By the way Jandee is dandee! Check out the fantastically talented Emily's blog for sure! She has such great ideas! Oh oh and her Etsy shop! This is something that any believer needs. Any non-believers should be beat!! My parents motto growing up was if you don't believe you DON"T receive! This is a site that makes it so you can make custom messages for anyone from Santa. It takes a just a few minutes to put together and wallah! you have a custom message! It is really well made too. It actually sounds like a true message that was recorded by Santa for your lucky recipient. Both the girl baby and boy baby are going to be getting one. And possibly Big Papa. And to be totally honest I will probably be receiving one as well! Who doesn't want a message from the big guy?
Check it out here!
Oh and it is totally free! Can I get a what what?!


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