Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Attitude of Grattitude Tuesday

Oh the joy that is Nordic Ware's Baker's Joy! This stuff is the best! I bought two funfetti cake mixes from Target the other day. They were .44 cents each. Yes my friend, you read that right! Forty Four cents!!! Granted they were holiday ones. So all green and red but I couldn't have cared less cause they taste the same and that taste is oh so good! I baked one with Baker's Joy and one I greased and floured the pan. Guess which one turned out perfect and the other had pockets of flour on the bottom. I had to peel the bottom off the one so I woulen't get a mouthful of flour. It was not pretty! The Baker's Joy cake kicked the hand greased and floured cakes hiney! Hands down! I probably over greased the one pan I didn by hand. And really I could have probably done just fine with hand greasing but why bother? Especially when baker's joy is awesome and relatively inexpensive? I was going to add a link to get a coupon but every place online that has a coupon for it requires you to sign up to get their emails and emails from a million different sponsors. Not my cup of tea! It is only 3 or 4 dollars at most any grocery store and considering how little you need it is still a fantastic deal! You can even order it online here if you want! I am so grateful for creations like these!

*note: I am in no way being compensated by Nordic Ware. I just love the product!

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