Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I am so in love with this baby! Well not so much baby but toddler but that seems like such an awful thing to say! We had a momentous thing happen the other day. I am one proud momma. I was busy making stew when my little Lola started asking for celery which was awesome all by itself but I decided to throw some peanut butter on it. I was expecting her to turn her nose up at it but to my delighted surprise she started munching away!! Oh yeah that is right!!! I wish I had some raisins to make the little ants for a true ants on a log! I may be super lame for being so excited about this but I want both of the babies (the other "baby" is a three year old!) to love healthy food. I can not be more thrilled ya'll!!!
Big Munch!!
Sweetest girl baby ever!!
P.S. Forgive the messy house in the pictures- I sometimes feel like the kids are more important than a perfectly clean house. Does that make me a bad mother? Well if it does then so be it!!

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