Thursday, September 23, 2010

I have to tell you about a funny little thing that happened last night! Big Papa Hemingway (the hubs) got home from work at about a quarter to midnight last night. After he got settled into bed and we were both dozing off there was an awful annoying sound coming from somewhere. In my half asleep state I sat up and asked him in a very annoyed voice if he had set the alarm on his phone. He said no crazy- that is a cricket! A flipping cricket had we presume hitched a ride into the house with one of us. Well this was just freaking great! I got up and shined my cell phone light over where the sound was coming from and it promptly stopped. I figured I had it running scared and it was done for the night. Oh boy was I wrong! It started almost immediately back up with its singing. Nick got up and started searching for it by cell phone light. I am not totally positive why we didn't turn on the light but the whole time we searched using our cell phones as flashlights. I vote that it is because we were so tired and unaware of how idiotic that was! Anywho... We thought it was in a basket so Nick took it out in the hallway and shut he door. We thought we were home free!! Not that that would have actually gotten rid of the cricket- but you know what they say out of sight out of mind or in this case out of ear shot out of mind. We get settled back in and start dozing and lo and behold it starts back up! So Nick jumps up and starts hitting a stack of bins with his shoe. The cricket stops and starts with every thump of his shoe! It is mocking us now!! Much cursing and thumping and shaking of things ensued! This may seem like a bit much but one lone cricket singing in your face is not charming like it is out in the woods with all its buddies singing in time with him. It is like Chinese water torture!! Crick crick crick! It will break you. Finally we fell asleep from pure exhaustion. Just to get up and get Big Papa to work by 6.
Current score:
Cricket- 1
Us- 0

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