Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My haul! Woot!!

I planted a macho jalapeno plant this year way way too late in the season. I really didn't have high hopes of getting any peppers but I am getting some! Oh baby oh baby!! I might get enough from my one little plant to bottle one whole mason jar of peppers to pickle. That may not impress anyone else but I have the worlds blackest thumb so the fact that the plant didn't die an early death is pretty amazing. Not too mention that I planted it way too close to a tomato plant that has taken over the world! I am surprised that it has not suffocated and died. Oh well! Live and learn. Plus I am pretty impatient so I want to pick the itty bitty peppers long before they are ready. They are tiny and I love them! And to top it all off- they have a serious bite! Now I need to find a good recipe to pickle them before they are all eaten.

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  1. Thanks for the love over at my blog:) I am SO impressed with this!! Anyone that can grow anything is totally awesome:) I can grow nothing...execpt my daughter! Ha!!