Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude Tuesday

I am sneaking this in before noon so it still counts as Tuesday right? Haha!

I am grateful for Netflix this week!

It has been a lifesaver with the kids. They have old cartoons and Veggie Tales! Oh man! Netflix is the way we watch tv series since we don't have good reception on the tv. You can have it live streaming and have the DVDs sent to you. We have it streaming to our XBOX 360 but it also works with a WII or directly on your computer. I definitely think it is worth the cost. Especially considering that the cost is pretty minimal. I highly recommend it!

Check it out here! It will not disappoint!

On a little side note- I just barely figured out how to add the link to a word! I know- I know- it is crazy easy and you all figured it you forever ago but I am a little computer illiterate! HAHAHA!

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