Wednesday, November 24, 2010

popcorns popping all up in my turkey!

I am going to be preachy for just a minute. Buy local first!! I am the first to admit that more often than not it is more expensive to shop local and I sometimes have to choose between feeding the kids and buying local. The kids win out every time! But when I can afford it I buy local. It keeps the money in the community and in turn it immediately benefits our community. I am hopping down off my soapbox now and continuing on!
* Banner and photo are courtesy of A beautiful mess. A great blog!!

Raaad Popcorn Turkey!

I was going to do a totally different post today but when I saw this I had to share it! Check out that turkey!! I am making this for sure tomorrow. And maybe even Saturday. My family gets together on Saturday. It is a popcorn turkey! So genius! It is a snack and a cool centerpiece for the kids table or any table really. And it looks pretty darn easy to make!
For full instructions check it out here. It was a guest post from One Charming Party on the cool blog say YES! to hoboken

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