Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude Tuesday and an apology....

I am so sorry! I have had a three week break from the blog. But I am back now. And I can honestly and proudly say that yes I did keep up with the 30 day from Frumptown challenge. It has really worked for me so far! That being said I have changed how I am going to finish it up. I am going to do a post once a week about it. One everyday was just getting too much for me. I started this blog to have fun baking, sewing, crafting and total randomness and it has gotten away from me already in the short month or so I have been posting. So I am reclaiming my blog! I will still post the rest of the tips and some tutorials for the challenge like I intended all along just in a better time frame for me.

Onward and upward! I want to start a Tuesday tradition. I feel like I need to remember all the things I am grateful for. Not just my family- which is the one thing I am most grateful for but for life's little randomnesses (word? well it is now!) and quirks. Here it is:

Attitude of Gratitude Tuesday!
This Tuesday I am grateful for Pepperoni Scrambled Eggs!

What is that you say? Well it is exactly what it sounds like. Scrambled eggs with pepperoni mixed in. It was an experiment that turned out really well. I made them yesterday on a whim and I made them again this morning because they were so lovely! Oh my goodness they were so so so so good! They exceeded my expectations! We mixed mozzarella cheese in them yesterday and did just pepperoni today. I am glad to add something new to our breakfast menu because it has been lacking as of late! Go out and try them! You will not be disappointed!

Oh just a quick thought- I bet these would be good in breakfast cups instead of sausage! Even with the sausage! they would have a pizza breakfast cup vibe. Oh baby!

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