Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 8 is crazy late!!

Any one miss me?! I am back and blogging it up! I am re-committing to my 30 day challenge. I found out that posting everyday can be hard! And all I am doing is taking my picture and posting. However, I will be doing some tutorials this week. Tutorials are a lot of work I found out- even simple ones. Putting every step into pictures and writing it up takes 2 or 3 times longer than making the stuff! They are crazy easy even- that is how I roll! I hope you all like them. Speaking of liking stuff! Here are day 8's pictures:

This is my favorite dress! And my chucks! Who doesn't love chucks? I am not sure if I am really wearing them appropriately but there you go!

Yeah that spot on my nose is what happens if you go crazy trying to get a black head out! I do not recommend it! I have issues! LOL!

Here is Tip #8
Again these tips are totally for me so you can take from them what you will! I need to remember to think outside the box with my clothing choices. Hence the Chucks with a black dress. Wear a scarf as a belt or wrapped up in your hair! Use brooches to dress up your hair! Wear a color that is totally off the wall for you. Pair colors that you wouldn't normally put together. I like to wear bright colored socks with my black ballet flats and jeans. Usually I don't even match the color of socks to my clothing. I don't want to lose what personal style I have but I need to incorporate things that I love but wouldn't normally wear. It is sad that I haven't worn things that I love because I am too fat or too skinny (HA!) or too short or people might look at me funny. I need to remember that as long as it makes me happy then I should do it! That is what matters! Well that and not totally embarrassing my husband and kids. HAHA!

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