Monday, October 11, 2010

Day five and six check out my pics!

Okay so I must explain for the lack of the last two posts! I would say apologize but I had very good reason for the delay! On Saturday I chose to go on a hot date with Big Papa instead of posting. Yeah yeah I know but we rarely ever get to go out without the kiddos! It was way fun and we laughed a ton! Thanks for the date baby! As for Sunday? I had to work. So when I wasn't at work I had guilt about ignoring my kids to post. But I am back today with a weekend catch up post!

On to the 30 day from Frumptown Challenge!

These first two are Saturdays pics:

Am I the only one who loves these sunglasses? Maybe yes! HA!
They cover my whole face but I swear I am wearing make-up! At least mascara and a swipe of eye shadow!

I love my jeans! I turned them from 70's style huge bell bottoms into skinny jeans. They are far from perfect but they were my first try! And for sure not my last!

These bad boys are my Sunday Pics:

My girl baby! Isn't the back of her head adorable?! And her skirt that is way waaay too short. I need to retire it or add a little ruffle. I think she needed a diaper! Oh man I am mother of the year!

Self portrait close up!

On to the tips!
Tip #5
Buy a flat iron! Even a cheap one. They come in so handy! You can smooth your hair and make it look a little more sleek. Or you can use it to do curls. I may have to have my niece teach my how to do that! I am not hip and happening like her! The flat iron I am currently using was a hand me down and only one plate heats up! Oh yeah it is a delight to use. But it gets the job done! I may need to replace it. When I have money.

Tip #6
This tip is a reminder to myself of how to treat my jeans. I have read that you should wear them 3 to 5 times in between washings. Well unless you do some major stuff like yard work, hiking or things that get them grimy. Plus they say (who is they? yeah I don't know either!) you should turn them inside out when washing and then hang to dry. Jeans that are air dried feel like you are pulling sand paper on so throw them in the dryer for ten or so minutes and it softens them. To be totally honest though I dry them about 90% of the time. Hang drying definitely extends the life and prevents the shrinking though. So maybe I will be trying to that in the future!

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