Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day two woo woo!!

Hiedi ho! Day two has arrived. I am showered (its a miracle!!) and ready for the day. I let my hair do its own thing today with the help of a 2 inch curling iron just to smooth out and define some of the waves. The surprising thing is that my hair is down! That is huge for me! I never wear it down purely for the fact that I get so blooming hot! Here are my pictures of the day!

Extreme close up!! Please excuse the blemish on my chin. I have never figured out a good way to cover them. Any tips?

My outfit! A little boring but not sweats! I heart that I was able to roll my pants up because of this beautiful weather! WOOT!

And so comes my tip of the day!
Tip #2
I love flip flops! So so much that I have been wearing them everyday so this is a kick in the pants to stop with the flip flops everyday and wear the million pairs of flats I own! I won't ever stop wearing flip flops totally but I think that ballet flats look a little more polished and are just as comfortable. A little side tip- Target clearance is the best way to buy flats! I buy tons there for 6-8 dollars! Oh and thrifting them! Just make sure you smell the thrift shoes before buying them. If there is a funk then put them back!

Oh a little side story- I picked up my sister from work yesterday and she said Oh where you going all dressed up! Yeah I was wearing a t-shirt, jeans and a vesty thing. Definitely not dressed up! Maybe my little 30 day from Frumptown challenge was a little late coming!

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