Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day three! Look at me!

It is a bit late today! I had a pretty full day. Full does not necessarily mean fun I found out! I had to work. 'Nuff said! I shouldn't be like that really. I only work 20 or 25 hours a week. So not too bad and I work with great people mostly but I still hate leaving the kids. They boy baby came and sat in my lap before I went to work and when I told him I had to leave to head to work he said no. I waited a few more minutes and then told him again that I have to go and he again said no. Finally the third time I said it he said "no momma!". Well that may not seem like a big deal to anyone else but he doesn't speak. He is a three year old who speaks gibberish that sounds an awful lot like Korean! But usually not a lick of English. So when he said "no momma" it broke my heart to leave him. It was a rough day for this me.

Lets move on to happier thoughts! It is day three yo! To tell the truth though all I did when I came home was change my shoes and pants. I usually don't wear my work clothes at home but they are some of my prettiest clothes. My play clothes need a make over! I need them to be half way between work and scruffy clothes.

Self portrait time! I need to try something new with my makeup. I need a refresher!

I just loved this picture! I am vain! HAHA!

Being a little more serious and not quite so vampy!

Tip of the day!

Tip #3

I need to learn how to do this better actually so my tip for myself is to layer! I did a little today. Not a whole lot but some. Did you know that layering is really chic and in style in Australia right now? Well now you do. Lol! The thing I like most about layering is that you can take pieces off if you get too hot. (being too hot is a common theme for me!) I feel like it also brings more dimension to your outfit. It takes it to a whole other level! So I will make the effort to remember to layer it up!

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