Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day one is so fun!

Welcome to day one of my 30 days from frumptown challenge! I almost didn't get up this morning and get dressed! I quickly remembered this blog and the challenge I committed myself to and got up and got dressed. Before you look at the pictures just keep in mind that I am not trying to be a diva or be all glammed up. I am simply trying to get the motivation to get out of my sweats and ratty t-shirts. Also I am a mother so please be forgiving when you see the greasy hair and messy bun. Yeah a bun! No awful rats nest ponytail! So without further adieu here are some pictures!

We love the self portraits around these parts!!

I might need to work on my posing! HAHA!

I swear that I actual enjoyed getting dressed in spite of the awful look on my face!

Now on to tip #1:
Wear Mascara!!!
This may seem simple to most of you but not to me! I am stuck in such a rut that I have to be reminded! So this is my reminder! It is such an easy thing and it makes such a huge difference. It only takes two minutes so I will be pulling out my magic mascara wand and brushing on!


  1. There is nothing worse than when you forget to put on mascara--I feel naked all day! So I totally agree about how important it is, lol!

  2. I hope to get to that point! How sad is that!? HA!