Monday, October 11, 2010

Day seven! I am in heaven!

I am almost caught up! WOOT! This post is my seventh. One whole week down three more to go! I thought this 30 Day from Frumptown challenge that I made for myself was going to be officially over after three days. I have surprised myself! Oh how I long for my loungey yoga pants though! I will persevere and keep it up! I need this challenge so so bad. It should be a habit after 30 days right?!

One thing I love about this challenge is that I forced myself to look in my jewelry box and see what pretties are hiding in there! Now when I say jewelry box I mean a paper covered card board box. I think that I need to find a new way to display my stuff. Maybe if I can see it I will actually get some wear out of my jewelry!

You know what else I love? Peoples hand me downs! I loved that sweater when we first got it in at work but I couldn't justify buying it and now it is mine all thanks to my sister! Gotta love that!

Tip #7
Wear jewelry!!! Even just a pair of earrings can complete your outfit and take your look from drab to fab! I love love costume jewelry! It can get rather expensive though. I buy most of mine at Target or Stein Mart. Both places have great costume jewelry that is pretty inexpensive. Plus clearance jewelry RULES! Stein Mart will often have coupons on clearance so it is even cheaper! (I have a confession to make! I work at Stein Mart. That is not why I am plugging them. I am plugging them because they really actually do have some great prices! On clothes and jewelry and shoes and house wares.)

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